Microsoft Share Point Certified Team

Our certified team is specialized in the implementation, development and customization of Microsoft SharePoint

TISA offers innovative solutions to the corporate market providing services for different platforms including Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft SharePoint is a colaborative suite of applications that allows companies to expand their potential using a versatil tool to share information accross the whole organization. Among other benefits, SharePoint makes possible to create internal Sites, Pages and Workflows for each Area/ Department and to share Documents, Dashboards, Lists and Calendars in a very intuitive and powerful way.

The document management features integrate SharePoint with the rest of the Microsoft Office suite of tools.

SharePoint Server takes the collaboration one step further and makes possible to integrate and create custom made applications extending the current capabilities even mor.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, TISA is specialized in implementing, customizing, developing and integrating custom made software solutions within Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure, extending the existing features and creating new ones.

If you don't have SharePoint, we are the key for you to succeed using this platform.

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