Learn the reason why investing in SEO can be your best option

That’s a good question… For now on, we are going to give you a million reasons why. Each day more than 35.000 searches per second are carried out in google and a great factor to take into account is that, this number of searches is only going to grow. However, the users are not going to find the content of your web page if it is not among the first search results. So, why do you have to invest in SEO?

It is a way of getting stable traffic

SEM campaigns offer huge spikes of traffic during time of campaign, but that traffic decreases as we stop to invest on advertising. Investing in SEO allows an stable and continuous traffic without the need to make large investments.

It will attract qualified traffic

We suppose that people actively positioned in a particular web on a search engine will be there because they are interested in which the site offers. This means that the traffic entering a web coming from a search engine after carrying out a search will include potential customers that proactively have consulted on that search engine.

It is profitable in the medium and the long term

Positioning among search engines does not show immediate results. SEO needs continuous work for the improvement of the site and its contents because the rules of the game are in constant change trough time. SEO has a project involving future visits that is a great option due to the fact that it can get medium and long term results.

Because users trust on search engines

Users of the internet trust on search engines even more that on social media when they need information. The trust that the users place on search engines (especially on Google) is similar to that generated by traditional social media. This suggests that investing in SEO not only will increase the medium to long term traffic but also will be important to brand construction.

And if you are not already sure, we will mention further benefits.

Including SEO improves advertising performance

A good organic classification will grant conversion rate with an average that is more used than payment per click. Regarding the fact that PPC advertising are an excellent form to complement a digital marketing strategy, if you not include SEO could be an expensive mistake for your business.

Due to the foregoing, including SEO will increase the conversion rate

The trust of the precedent leads on organic traffic is superior to PPC advertising and this is clearly reflected on their conversion rate.

Your competitors are already using it

If we do not appear in that first search, we will be giving away our potential customers to our competitors.

To sum up, getting a good position in search engines on key words that are crucial to the business will always be a vital aspect for all companies that look for visibility on the internet.

Andrea Picaso

About Andrea Picaso

Andrea is a SEO/ SEM/ CMS specialist with more than 10 years of experience positioning Websites for local and global Customers

Nowadays Andrea specializes in leading the SEO/ SEM department of TISA, continuously researching about new positioning algorithms to obtain a better performance and rating in a lower time.

Beyond her technical knowledge Andrea enjoys listening Music from the 90's and Painting.

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