Why outsourcing your IT projects to Argentina?

Few weeks ago we talked about how today is becoming less competitive to implement offshoring services in Asia and how companies are shifting their outsourcing strategies in order to favor nearshoring. Summing up, the post referred to the advantages of nearshoring in general, and particularly in South America. You can read the full post here.

However, there are meaningful differences among the south american countries. These countries are in different stages of economic, industrial, political and institutional development. A noteworthy mistake when looking south is to think of this region as if it were homogeneous. Certainly, these countries share problems, but they also share extraordinary potential. In this occasion I would like to talk about the southernmost country in the world, which is incredibly close: Argentina, one of the more attractive IT outsourcing destinations.

As you know, outsourcing refers to the collaboration with external providers, beneficial to both parties and intended to achieve specific purposes. Specifically talking about software development, outsourcing enables to partner with experts in other parts of the world to ensure that all software projects get the attention they deserve.

But, what are the challenges of outsourcing? In short, reducing the logistical, cultural and language barriers, and keeping low costs without impairing the high quality.

So, why is Argentina a good idea?

According to international outsourcing and nearshore / offshore experts, Argentina is at the top of the list for any foreign company looking for software providers and software related services.

Creative, highly skilled workforce, and an expanding talent pool

Argentina is particularly attractive for those who wish to outsource custom software development mainly due to its offer of highly skilled programmers known for being creative and dedicated, and also for providing great expertise in technology platforms. In fact, Argentina is a real pool of very innovative and talented people in different areas. As a creative copywriter, I can assure that Argentina is recognized as one of the most creative countries in the world (especially in the design and advertising fields).

In addition, Argentina invests more money per capita in education than almost any other developing country in the world. One fundamental aspect is that public universities are completely free and open to anyone. This has helped create a large pool of very talented and educated professionals.

Lower costs & high quality

In the past few years, Argentina has rapidly become a hot location for companies seeking competent professionals and cost-effective business environments, mainly due to the lower costs but also thanks to the big number of IT specialists.

Cost is a main concern for any project, including outsourced software development. While there are other countries that can offer lower costs, projects outsourced to Argentina are not expensive considering the quality level.

Great language skills

The language barrier may as well be a deal-breaker. One of the reasons why Argentina has earned the reputation of a major IT hub is its multilingual workforce. Argentinian professionals are known for their excellent linguistic skills. Most Argentinian IT specialists speak English (good English), and many also speak French, German, Italian, and other languages.

When considering an outsourcing initiative it is essential to ensure that communication will be possible. Project leaders must be able to explain their needs, and developers have to be able to reach out with questions or concerns.

Similar time zones

Nearshore outsourcing to Argentina helps eliminate communications obstacles due to different time zones. US and Argentine time zones are similar, making it easier when it comes to collaboration. In fact, people don’t have to adjust their working hours too much to accommodate stateside operations.

And what’s more, Argentina is not only about great IT and language skills, but also about cultural similarities. As you know, the similar cultural background bridges the gap between the outsourcer and the outsourcing partner.

Overall, it is logical for the US to start looking south. TISA Software offers nearshoring services in Argentina, combined with Houston based location. To learn more about the beneffits of working with TISA, contact us.

Edgardo Gamboso

About Edgardo Gamboso

Edgardo is Creative Copywriter with more than 8 years of experience working for different kind of projects and for some of the most important brands as a project leader and creative director.

Nowadays Edgardo is responsible for managing all the communications within TISA Software. Beyond his marketing knowledge and his passion for the technology Edgardo enjoys seeing TV series and doing outdoor sports, mainly riding bike and running.

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