CES 2020

We are on day 3 at CES 2020 and today everything was about wearable devices. What is a wearable device...welll, you should know by now, but think about wearable as IoT for People. Nowadays anything can be a wearable device, from wristbands that provides you with medical data, to footwear to track how you walk, exercise or play, underwears, toothbrushes and even sexual toys.

One of the few things we saw, that were really innovative on this area, was a device for visual impaired people, that was capable of detecting objects, colors, money, or read text while the person is not able to see well or is even blind.

Another thing I was able to try, and works really well, was a two way earbuds device from WaverlyLabs that allows simultaneous translation for up to 30 languages. I was able to establish a communication while speaking in English with a Russian speaker, without slowing down the way I talk for this to work.

Finally, the best of all the things we saw, and not on the wearable category, was a company called Watergen, that produces water from the humidity on the air. Their devices can generate drinkable water from nothing. Just power it and start drinking. This device has many applications on areas were getting drinkable water is not an option or is too expensive.

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