CES 2020

Everything comes to an end, and today was CES 2020 last day. After 4 days of walking we can say that we saw a small part of what CES has to offer, but it was a good one.

Today we saw some very amazing technologies like #Neon an AI avatar that you can customize. But let me clarify something, it looks and it feels like a real person (actually I didn't realize it was computer generated till I saw their presentation). You can make them smile, while talking, make them look interested or serious, move or keep stand, and probably one of the most crazy things: they actually look at you, even when you are moving, and this is not because they have cameras, but due to they are creating this optical illusion as they look too real for the naked eye.

We also saw very cool robots that combined with AI and computer vision can play ping pong, and win, against a human.

But the coolest thing we saw, was one of the first Quantum Computers presented by IBM (there are only 15). This computer is actually working to solve real problems on different areas such as rendering, manufacturing and others. For the chip to work, needs to literally work as cold as posible and this is about --460 F° or -273 C°.

I hope you have enjoyed our daily recap of the most interesting things we saw during this show.

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