Exactian is a cloud based platform that helps you manage and minimize the risks associated
to Contractors in the all-encompassing framework of market and labor relations.

About Exactian

Exactian helps you to audit each one of your contractors, payroll accounts, vehicles etc. Carrying out all these control processes within your company is burdensome and ultimately it's not a realistic option. Generally 3rd party companies that specialize in providing contractor and payroll control solutions are your best bet to ensure completeness and real-time reporting.

Exactian is a highly efficient and intelligent platform tool developed to enable your business to comply with the principles and regulations of ICM (Independent Contractor Management) established by the leading companies and required by the labor laws of the world.

Its objectives are to reduce the contingencies and impact of all those risks inherent to the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) sequence. In modern corporate relationships with ICs it's essential to adhere to best business practices complying with the applicable legislation in order to minimize your business risks.


Multinational companies that are using Exactian


Contractors controlled through Exactian


Transactions every month processed through the platform


User satisfaction


Exactian offers you the perfect solution enabling your Company to simplify the auditing process through a system of tracking and alerts in order to disclose the health and good standing of your network of Contractors and Suppliers.


  • Document traceability
  • Contractors portal to submit documentation
  • History of Contractors status
  • Audit and Control of Contractor Processes
  • Automatic alerts when documentation is due
  • Documentation Auditing
  • Integration with third party systems

Easy to Implement

  • Speed-up implementation
  • No investment in Lincences nor Servers
  • No setup requirements needed
  • Customization through configuration settings
  • Access from any geographical location
  • Unlimited amount of users
  • Subscription or on-demand payment
  • Data backups and contingency plans
  • Get always updated
  • Integration with SAP, JDE, among others
  • Helpdesk

Access to all Departments involved in the control process and follow-up

"The perfect solution to minimize the risks of working with Contractors and Suppliers, helping you to be compliance with your internal/ external policies"

Wrapping it all up...

Exactian simply upgrades your business and brings it to the next level.

A simple tool to use, light, user friendly and flexible.

Exactian offer you know how, efficiency, speed and process transparency.

You will never miss any document expiration date.

The Exactian platform bring relief and expansion to your business.


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