IoT: The next wave of the Internet is finally here.

5pm. After a day of work, Michael returns home by car. Before getting in the car, he looks at his smartphone that is automatically unlocked through his iris. In his house there is nobody. He gets in the car and the GPS tells him the best way home depending on traffic. The Spotify application is on and playing one of his favorite records: Transformers of Lou Reed.

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Implementing a Documental database with MongoDB

I often have the need to develop a system that implements dynamic search filters with a fast response time, allowing the user to view and select the filters. Such requirements are increasingly seen as an important feature in many platforms, mainly in e-commerce websites, and it is what makes it easier for the user to navigate the site.

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Nearshoring: A smart alternative closer to home

Earlier, organizations look to offshoring to cut costs for outsourcing services and often manufacturing. But today, it is becoming less profitable to implement offshoring services and companies are checking their outsourcing strategies. In short, there has been a shift to favor nearshoring to improve project cost and management.

Due to the complexity and continuously changing requirements of modern IT projects classical outsourcing models increasingly lose in importance. Against this background, over the past several years, the software development industry has seen a dramatic shift in business operations from traditional offshore destinations to nearshore locations.

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