Why Latin America is such an attractive partner for US companies?

Since years ago, Latin America has emerged as an attractive alternative to outsourcing (nearshore), gaining notoriety with countries traditionally recognized as an offshore destination. Argentina in particular, has stood out in recent years as a country with a good supply of highly exportable software, which allowed it to be established as an attractive coequipier for those who seek software development providers. But, what makes software development in this region so special to foreign businesses when they are choosing an outsourcing vendor?

Explore the top reasons that will convince you to hire software development in Argentina if you need to meet a high demand.

1- Great Quality/Cost Balance

Argentina has been for many years in the sight of foreign companies in the technology sector, which shows that it is an established, reliable and competitive software development market. In fact, while there are other countries that can offer lower costs, Argentina competes internationally, but differentiates itself from other countries by optimizing the process and counting with great quality professionals.

2- Know-How and Technology

Argentina started developing its IT talent over the past years and today has a large, technically-savvy skilled pool of software engineers ready to work in one of the best infrastructure in the region.

The country has the best talents in the region, a large pool of industry experts and bilingual engineers with the know-how to execute different kind of projects in an agile way, following strict methodologies to reach the highest quality standards.

3- Qualified Talent Pool

According to the regional ranking of universities, 7 Argentine universities ranked among the top 50 in Latin America. This means, in other words, that the quality of its professionals is highly recognized and demanded. In summary, Argentina is globally known for its education’s quality, and therefore, the excellence of its professionals.

4- Cultural Compatibility and Highest English Level

Needless to say that language and cultural differences often impacts on the team communication. Sometimes outsourcing can present communications problems that not only encompass language, but also culture. Communication is a critical factor, but often overlooked in project success. That is why finding an outsource partner who can understand your language and communicate with you efficiently can help you understand their business objectives.

Argentina has the highest English level in Latin America, and currently occupies the 15th place in the global ranking beating countries such as Korea, Ukraine, Vietnam and India. In addition to the training quality, multilingual skills is a tempting key factor for foreign companies to work with Argentinean companies.

5- Similar Time Zone, Zero Problem!

Being nearshore, Argentina has geographical advantages compared to traditional destinations. Nearshore outsourcing to Argentina helps eliminate communications obstacles due to different time zones.

If you are thinking in hiring a software development partner, it is really important to evaluate the geographical location factor: a huge time difference can make communications much more difficult and create delays.

6- Diversity to Choose

The range of possibilities and business opportunities in the software development industry is as broad as it is diverse.

In Argentina, this diversity (in terms of size, infrastructure and services) allows the American market to find a company that meets its particular needs, offering a variety of software related services, adapted to each need.


The emergence of Argentina as a center of technological development, shows that it is a country that offers great business opportunities to foreign companies.

In TISA Software we offer nearshoring services in Argentina, combined with Houston based location. Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us, will be happy to help your business deploy.

Ariel Sztern

About Ariel Sztern

Ariel is a Software Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in Software Development with experience in managing projects in more than 16 countries

Nowadays Ariel is responsible for managing the operation in USA as President of TISA Software LLC.

Beyond his technical knowledge and passion for the technology Ariel enjoys watching the NBA and playing Ping-Pong, he also likes sci-fi movies and was recognized as one of the 40 under 40 by the Houston Business Journal in 2014.

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