• Best Practices for Creating an Amazing Nearshore Team

    Best Practices for Creating an Amazing Nearshore Team

    The following post outlines 5 best practices for creating an amazing and super effective nearshore team. This can make the difference between success and failure. Enjoy it!

  • Outsourcing trends to expect in 2017

    Things that Growing Startups must consider before selecting a Technology Partner

    New advances in technology have made it easier and more possible for outsourcing providers to work remotely.

    Since years ago, more and more business owners are opting for outsourcing not just for cost cutting, but also for other value-added services that outsourcing can offer. Outsourcing is a great option for many companies to develop and increase their competitive advantages while minimizing operational costs. If you want to know what will this year bring in terms of outsourced services, keep reading to find out the coming trends.

  • Strategic Nearshore Outsourcing for Competitive Advantage

    Strategic Nearshore Outsourcing for Competitive Advantage

    Usually when we think about improving our competitive advantage as a Company, we think about doing something internal to change our positioning in the marketplace: to develop an innovative process or mastering a new technology to make the difference. While the traditional path to improve competitiveness is still the same, it's not the only approach. Organizations are increasingly using nearshore outsourcing to change their competitive landscape, reposition their companies, and transform how they do business.

  • Tips for choosing the right outsourcing Partner

    Tips for choosing the right outsourcing Partner

    Outsourcing isn’t exactly a new trend. One could even say that it is more or less mainstream and culturally accepted within IT organizations, but choosing the right outsourcing partner can be one of the most difficult tasks that organizations face today. That's why before choosing an outsource partner, you must ask yourself some questions. Does the selected partner have experience? Has your selected outsourcing service provider been able to provide quality services to your company? Does your chosen business partner use the best in technology? Does your outsourcing provider have trained professionals?

  • Why Companies are Increasingly Embracing Nearshoring

    Why Companies are Increasingly Embracing Nearshoring

    In order to leverage the benefits of proximity and the increased control that goes with it, companies are increasingly embracing nearshoring. On other occasions we have already talked about the many reasons why organizations are doing that: costs, quality control, communication and cultural affinity (just to mention some of them).

    Now well, when the meaningful, workable and scalable growth can’t be accomplished in-house with a ready and reliable domestic-grown team, and any organization decide to outsource one or more business processes, they always have to figure out which shore meets their needs best. So, a recurring doubts often arises: is the nearshoring really better than offshoring? And what about the remote teams? Let’s talk about pros and risks between each one of them, but first let’s define some terms with a little more clarity.

  • Why Latin America is such an attractive IT partner for US companies?

    Why Latin America is such an attractive partner for US companies?

    Since years ago, Latin America has emerged as an attractive alternative to outsourcing (nearshore), gaining notoriety with countries traditionally recognized as an offshore destination. Argentina in particular, has stood out in recent years as a country with a good supply of highly exportable software, which allowed it to be established as an attractive coequipier for those who seek software development providers. But, what makes software development in this region so special to foreign businesses when they are choosing an outsourcing vendor?

    Explore the top reasons that will convince you to hire software development in Argentina if you need to meet a high demand.

  • Why offshoring is moving closer to home?

    Why offshoring is moving closer to home?

    The offshoring business is booming. Whereas a few years ago, only a few U.S. companies were setting up shared-service centres and adopting outsourcing, nowadays nearshoring has become a popular strategy in the development community. It’s true that cost pressures are encouraging companies to gain the benefits of pooling services and locating them where skilled labour is cheap, but the approach provides a wide range of advantages including the ability to cost-effectively outsource parts of the project to a skilled team. This enables the internal developers to focus on other mission-critical aspects that might be more in-line with their particular areas of expertise.

  • Why outsourcing your IT projects to Argentina?

    Why outsourcing your IT projects to Argentina?

    Few weeks ago we talked about how today is becoming less competitive to implement offshoring services in Asia and how companies are shifting their outsourcing strategies in order to favor nearshoring. Summing up, the post referred to the advantages of nearshoring in general, and particularly in South America. You can read the full post here.

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