All members of TISAmaintain a clear commitment to the provision of custom Development Solutions with Software Engineering.
We are committed to continuously improve the efficiency of our processes and developments and to comply with all the requirements that apply, including legal and regulatory ones as well as those assumed by the organization.

The basic principles of TISA Quality Policy are:

>To ensure the satisfaction, needs and expectations of our customers, enhancing the high quality of our products and services, defined as:
- Creation and/ or adaptation of the product to the customer's requirements
- Strict adherence to specifications
- Creation of solid, sturdy and reliable products

>Excellence in the quality of services, defined as:
- Compliance with the agreed deadlines
- To promote the establishment of a lasting relationship with our customers for brand fidelity
- Proficiency in solving problems that may arise during the product development, with a short response time
- Maximum attention to our human resources, ensuring their technical quality through continuous monitoring and promoting their training, qualification, professionalism and dynamism, as the main tools for service quality
- Application of new technologies, promoting our strong commitment to innovation
- Support, ongoing counseling and close monitoring during the lifetime of the product