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Eclipse Management is one of the most complete systems on the market.
Its incredible ease of operation, with simple screens in the Windows environment allows any user, without prior computer knowledge, to start using the system as soon as it is installed, since it has an intuitive user-friendly graphical environment.

The system is developed for the Windows environment, using Visual Basic 6, Access database or SQL server engine. This guarantees data integrity and low maintenance.
Configured for barcode scanners and browsers of multiple arguments to facilitate the identification of the products.
Eclipse Management is a system designed to incorporate Pre-Sales and Sale on Route with mobile devices, integrating all information to the system from remote locations.


- Sales
Centralize all operations related to sales, customer registration, request registration, and print sales reports. From here you will have access to the emission of receipts, collections management and running accounts.

- Stock
Responsible for stock management, product maintenance, price lists, categories assignments, sub-assignments, brands and all warehouses movements.

- Cashbox Management
This module registers all the movements of income and outcome of money, the registration of the collections and the payments to suppliers.

- Banks
List of Banks used in the reception of values and deposits, including a list of checks in portfolio.

- Purchases
Manages the suppliers and all matters related to the processing of suppliers invoices, either services or merchandise.

- Accounting
Has a complete management of tax reports, VAT purchases, VAT of sales, gross income tax, other taxes and profits.

- Parameters
This module manages external reference values of the system using numerators.

- Reports
Reports of customers, sales, stock, price list, taxes (withholdings), cashbox management, banks, suppliers, each one with the option of exporting them or sending them via email.

- Statistics
Summarized and plotted information on sales of a period, and comparisons between them (evolution of sales, percentage of sales by category.)